Stay hydrated with lower-alcohol wines

Stay hydrated with lower-alcohol wines

Alcohol can make wines taste and feel heavier, and us feel dizzy and dehydrated, especially in summer.

Check out this CTV Your Morning clip where we showcase four not-so-boozy bottles that are refreshingly lower in alcohol and taste great!

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Wine recap:

  1. Leaning Post Piquette, Canada | 750ml bottle | $19.00 | ON
  2. Leaning Post Petillant Naturel (Pet-Nat), Canada | 750ml bottle | $25.00 | ON
  3. Natte Valleij Coastal Cinsault, South Africa | 750ml bottle | $24.95 | BC, AB
  4. Medici Ermete "Concerto" Lambrusco Reggiano, Italy | 750ml bottle | $20-25 | BC, AB, ON


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