Haut Planty "One Musk A Night" skin contact 2017 ($32.95, 12pk)

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$32.95 per bottle | case of 12 x 750ml | 12.0% alc | skin contact white wine

One of the most memorable flavour combos we've ever tasted was a simply prepared dish of tangerine segments, lightly dressed with Maldon sea salt, a drizzle of the freshest extra virgin olive oil, and a couple of mint leaves. 

This palate cleanser, created by Chef Dave Kemp at Salt Wine Bar on Ossington Street in Toronto, was somehow fruity, salty, yet completely refreshing all at once.

This feeling is what we'd like you to imagine as you sip on this skin contact Muscadet by our friend Alain Couillaud at Haut Planty in the Loire Valley.

Alain's wines burst with good vibes just like his warm personality. During the pandemic, when we began working together, Alain insisted on doing a live "cheers" with me over a glass of wine via video chat, while showing me all of his Brittany flags hanging around the winery as well as his underground concrete vats.

Now that's what I call passion. Alain is also the only winemaker to have ever sent me a dance music video, starring himself and some Danish customers. (Stay tuned to our Instagram for that gem!)

Try this quirky, unique wine today and experience a little bit of Haut Planty. Aside from the perfect pairing of tangerines with sea salt and olive oil, we recommend matching this wine with:

  • A winter sauna / banya afternoon
  • Spaghettini con ricci (angel's hair pasta with uni)
  • 70's disco
  • Shopping on Depop
  • Jumping into fresh, new bed sheets