Clos des Rocs "En Charpaux" Macon-Loche 2019 ($32.95, 12pk)

售價 價格 $395.40 定價 單價  每 

$32.95 per bottle | case of 12 x 750ml | 14.0% alc. | dry

Exclusively drink white wine but tired of being unable to find a good unoaked match for richer foods? Exclusively drink red wine but waiting for the right white wine to sweep you off your feet? Look no further, here's a south Burgundy gem from star producer Clos des Rocs!

If Chardonnay were cinema, we think Maconnais wines are a critically acclaimed indie film. It's not the blockbuster, ensemble movie that dominates the box office, or part of any "Cinematic Universe". Instead, it's the thought-provoking arthouse piece that captures the minds of journalists, inspiring thinkpieces everywhere, from New York magazine to The New Yorker, and endures as a cultural reference through the years.

To us, wines from Macon often exude a deeply earthy potato skin / ruffle chip / baked potato undertone when it is made well, and its provenance really shines in the glass. The tasting note may sound odd but Macon wines are very tasty indeed. We encourage you to try some, and look for this quality when you open your next bottle of Clos des Rocs.

En Charpaux is named after Olivier's two young children, Charles and Pauline. This vibrant, ripe, silky Chardonnay that will taste heavenly with elegant (but soulful / satisfying) fare such as:

  • fish tiradito
  • potatoes
  • Hainanese chicken rice
  • scallop rolls
  • Shonda Rhimes' Bridgerton
  • throwing pottery
  • Erykah Badu