BIPOC-Owned Businesses in Toronto: Part 2

BIPOC-Owned Businesses in Toronto: Part 2

Our friends are our chosen family.

I’d like to lift up some amazing Black and Indigenous friends and entrepreneurs that have created their own businesses. They are great inspirations to us, and we encourage you to check them out and give them your support!

NB: We’d love to keep expanding our BIPOC friendships, business network and this directory. Please contact us if you would like to connect!


Ellis Tagoe

Sören Custom – Ellis Tagoe, Founder

We first met our friend Ellis Tagoe (he/him) at a 2018 fundraiser for the Serge Ibaka Foundation. His collaborative spirit, enthusiasm for fashion and awesome sense of humour – not to mention the incredible bespoke suit he was wearing that day – were all we needed to know that Sören Custom would be an amazing lifestyle partner!

You can identify a Sören Custom suit by the signature single lime green buttonhole in the sleeves – a tiny and subtle but distinctive detail that we immediately noticed when we first visited their showroom and studio along the lakeshore.

Sören Custom’s tailored goods can be found on such cool people as TSN’s Cabbie Richards, Toronto Raptors star Norman Powell, and NBA Championship MVP and LA Clippers leader Kawhi Leonard.

From the friendly, personal service to the (very) well-equipped coffee and cocktail bar flanking the showroom wall, Ellis’ company truly embodies the Sören Custom motto: “It’s not a suit… It’s an experience.”

Our summer wine inspiration for Ellis

With its crisp, clean, linear profile and a no-label outfit that can’t easily be defined by words, we think the 2018 biancoCOLLAVINI is a made-to-measure match.

Sören Custom contact info

@sorencustom  |  |  86 Park Lawn Road, Toronto