Fun with frozen wine

Fun with frozen wine

Who says wine needs to be enjoyed in a glass? Even the most serious of wine lovers can enjoy these unconventional, lower alcohol recipes to beat the summer heat. 

Scroll down to learn how to make:

  • Citrus Wine Spritzer
  • Rosé Popsicles
  • Frozen Sangria

Watch our clip from CTV Your Morning where we demonstrate all three recipes here!


Citrus Wine Spritzer

  • You’ll need
    • One bottle of dry, refreshing white wine like Cave Spring Dry Riesling, Ontario, Canada
    • Your choice of herbs – we think mint is nice and cooling for summer
    • Assortment of citrus
    • 2L sparkling water or club soda
    • Syrup / sweetener (optional)
    • Ice cube tray, pitcher
  • Directions
    • Decorate inside of ice cube tray with herbs and sliced citrus, fill with white wine. Freeze overnight.
    • Empty out wine cubes into a pitcher, add sweetener (optional) and top with a little extra wine, then sparkling water / club soda
    • Serve in a tall glass with extra mint and citrus garnishes. Enjoy!


Adult Rose Popsicles

  • You’ll need
    • One bottle of dry, light rose such as Cote et Mer rose, Provence, France
    • Half of a watermelon or your choice of fruit (berries are a great choice!)
    • Syrup / sweetener (optional)
    • Herbs (optional)
    • Popsicle tray
  • Directions
    • Two ways to enjoy: Either blitz the rose plus fruit in a blender, then fill into popsicle trays and freeze overnight, or, fill popsicle trays halfway with small pieces of watermelon and/or fruit, then top with rose wine and freeze overnight. You can add some sweetener to the wine if you like.
    • Remove from trays and enjoy!


Frozen Sangria

  • You’ll need
    • One bottle of medium-bodied, juicy inexpensive red like Borsao Garnacha, Spain
    • Assortment of citrus, berries or fruit
    • Syrup / sweetener (optional)
    • Sparkling water / club soda
    • Ice cube trays or 1L Reusable food container, pitcher
  • Directions
    • Pour entire bottle into reusable container or ice cube trays, and freeze overnight (frozen wine is much easier to remove from a wide-mouth container or ice cube tray than from a bottle!)
    • Remove from freezer. Let thaw slightly to loosen up the frozen wine. In a blender, gently mix frozen wine into a softer slush.
    • In a large wine or daquiri glass, build sweetener/simple syrup (optional), your choice of sliced fruits. Gently scoop in sangria slush, stir and add in sparkling water / club soda. (You could also make a larger batch using a pitcher)
    • Serve with a straw and enjoy!


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(photo credit CTV)