Collection: Château Pré la Lande

Michel and Angelita Baucé operate this estate that has been making wine since 1860. We love their wines that are vibrant and open, just like their warmth of character.

Here, on the right bank, in the eastern Côtes de Bordeaux (think 45 min east of Saint-Emilion), Michel and Angelita make deeply flavourful Merlot and Cabernet Franc blends from old vines, without the use of any pesticides or added sulphites. They're also one of the first wineries to use alternative winemaking methods such as fermenting and ageing in amphorae, which gives the wine tiny amounts of oxygen, as wooden barrels do, but without the influence of oak as a flavour. Try their Cuvée Terracotta to find out what this tastes like!

Pré la Lande has been farming organically since 2007, biodynamically since 2016, and are also certified vegan. What does vegan certification mean? It means that everything from what goes into the wine, as well as packaging, is plant-based - from the labels printed with vegetable-based ink, down to the adhesive on the box tape. Now that's dedication!

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