A message of solidarity

A message of solidarity

Quve stands in solidarity with BIPOC


Quvé stands in solidarity with all Black, Indigenous, People of Colour (BIPOC).

I am not posting this message because it is a timely action within the progressive zeitgeist.

I am not posting this message because I have some need to wipe away any personal grief or feelings of guilt about being complicit in an historically severely imbalanced socioeconomic system that benefits white supremacy at the expense of BIPOC livelihood.

I am posting this message because I recently started this new company that, above all, is driven by its values and its convictions. I feel an urgent and important need to publicly acknowledge my position in support of BIPOC because it is a core part of my personal and corporate identity. What’s more, I refuse to stand idly by while people are hurting and dying.

I am posting this message because now that I have a public money-making platform, as a POC, it is my social responsibility to share, uplift, and educate (as well as be educated) on how to be a better contributor to our global political economy.

If you don’t think the global economy is political, I encourage you to look at your credit card bill, your receipts, and your clothing tags. Where have you been voting with your dollars? Who works there? More importantly, who doesn’t?

I am posting this message because Quvé is and will continue to be a space in which conversations about race and equality will occur, whether it is good for business or not. If you are open to this, thank you. If you feel uncomfortable with this, let’s discuss, for nothing moves forward without dialogue.

I wrote the below Human Rights company policy upon the launch of this website, and I think it bears repeating here:

Quvé is a privately held company owned by a female immigrant minority. Quvé welcomes customers and business partners from all walks of life with open arms, including BIPOC, all ethnic communities, belief systems and LGBTQ2IA+. Our goal is to serve all customers and business partners with an equal amount of respect and understanding. (Quvé also recognizes its limitations and in time with growth and capital will work toward making our website more convenient for disabled persons to access.) All comments on The Q are moderated; messages of racism, discrimination, prejudice or hate are not accepted on this website and will be deleted and reprimanded.

Thank you for reading.

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