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Our social responsibility statement

We take our values very seriously. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns and we will address your inquiry as soon as we are able.

Responsible Drinking - Quvé has a zero tolerance policy toward drinking and driving and does not condone the purchase or further consumption of alcohol by those who are showing signs of intoxication. We adhere to SmartServe Ontario regulations and do not allow purchases by anyone under the legal drinking age. We perform one mandatory ID check with every new customer's first order.

Environmental - Quvé is very mindful about the individual and collective impact of each person's actions on our planet. We do our best to be a 100% paperless company. All business transactions take place securely online, and we keep electronic records only. From time to time, we may print some materials for corporate use, such as business cards, but we do so using 100% recycled paper only. Quvé also chooses its wineries and business partners wisely and ensure they also share our values of caring for the environment as best possible.

Quvé also believes that home delivery is a privilege, not a right, and that the environmental impact of accessing hard-to-find international wines directly on your doorstep must be offset by a nominal fee. We endorse bulk or advance ordering to reduce the number of individual deliveries needed day to day.

Human Rights - Quvé is a privately held company owned by a female immigrant of colour. Quvé welcomes customers and business partners from all walks of life with open arms, including BIPOC, all ethnic communities, belief systems and 2SLGBTQIA+. Our goal is to serve all customers and business partners with an equal amount of respect and understanding. (Quvé also recognizes its limitations and in time with growth and capital will work toward making our website more convenient for disabled persons to access.) All comments on our blog are moderated. Messages of racism, discrimination, prejudice or hate are not accepted on this website and will be deleted and reprimanded.

Philanthropic - Quvé does its best to give back to the community through volunteer work, and financially whenever possible. From time to time you may see online promotions on Quvé involving non-profit agencies; please know that unless explicity mentioned, we do not have direct affiliation with any organization mentioned on this site other than to communicate our official support of their cause.

Economic - Quvé is very proud of its product selection and quality. We trust our product prices are fair, reasonable, and properly reflective of similar goods in current market dynamics. We also carefully select suppliers and business partners whose philosophies and values mirror our own. 

While Quvé is still a small startup company, we aim to be an equal opportunity employer and do our best to cultivate talent from within the groups that we recognize and support. Importantly, Quvé does not operate within a hierarchy or use traditional titles to denote rank. Instead, we hold true to our values of respect and equality, keeping a flat company structure and working as peers. 

How to order

Is my order subject to tax or bottle deposit? When you complete your order, HST will be added to your checkout total. A bottle deposit fee of $0.20 per bottle is included in the price of each product. In Ontario, empty recyclable containers may be exchanged for the bottle deposit refund at any The Beer Store location.

How do I know that my order was successful? As soon as you have completed your checkout transaction, you will receive an automatic email confirming your order. As we process your order, you will receive further communication from either us or our delivery providers to confirm the estimated time and date of your delivery. Finally, you will receive an email when your order is on its way! If you did not successfully receive our automated order confirmation email, please ensure that is a Trusted Sender so our message does not land in your Spam or Junk folder. Have a question about your order? Please contact us quoting your Order Number. We would be happy to help you!

When will I be charged for my order? You will be charged as soon as you make an order.

How do I view the status of my order? As your order is processed, you will receive a confirmation email, followed by a processing email, and finally a shipment notification email. We welcome you to contact us quoting your Order Number, if you have any questions about your order. To reach us, you can simply reply to your original order confirmation email.

How do I cancel my order? We understand the need to sometimes cancel your order after it's been placed. If you decide to cancel prior to delivery, we will do our best to process your order cancellation as quickly as possible. Please reply to your original order confirmation message, stating your reason for cancellation, and we will help you as soon as we are able. Kindly note, if your shipment is already en route for delivery, we will need to facilitate your return differently and this may require a return shipping fee and take more time.

Can I make changes to my order once it has been placed? We are unable to add or change items to an order, after your purchase is complete. In some cases, we may be able to manually adjust your order offline, before it is processed. However, once an order has begun the processing stage, we may not be able to make further changes. Please email us as soon as possible, if a change is desired, and we will do our best to accommodate.

How can I ensure that I do not lose the items in my shopping cart? If you are logged into your Quvé account while you shop, your shopping cart items will be saved and viewable on any device on which you use your Quvé account. However, if you are not logged into Quvé, your shopping cart will remember items based on the browser permissions of the specific device you are shopping on only. You will be prompted to create a Quvé account upon checkout.

The item I want to purchase is now sold out. What do I do now? We're sorry to hear the item you were looking for is sold out! You have very good taste! While we do not have exact time frames for when we can restock an item, we encourage you to please contact us directly so that we can double-check on an item's availability, reserve the item for you in advance, or provide you with a recommendation of something similar while we work to restock your item as soon as possible!

Do I need a Quvé account to place an order? No, an account is not mandatory, however for your convenience and peace of mind, we recommend setting up Quvé account to ensure you receive all order confirmation and delivery messages, and to save your order history for future reference. We also perform one mandatory ID check with your very first delivery (unless you are Benjamin Button!), which will be linked to your Quvé account.

I've forgotten my password - help! Not to worry. Please contact us and we will help reset your account with a temporary password that you may change back to one of your choosing.

Where can I find my Order History? Only customers who are registered with a Quvé account can view their order history. After you have logged into your Quvé account, you can click on your profile button next to the Shopping Cart in the upper right hand corner to view your account details such as Order History and Saved Addresses. If you are using a shared computer, please remember to log out when you have finished shopping!

How old do I have to be to order from Quvé? Wine and alcohol purchases may only be purchased by residents of Ontario of legal drinking age (19 years) or older, with a valid delivery address (PO boxes not applicable). Purchases that do not meet the ID check requirements of all first-time new customers will be cancelled and refunded, subject to a $50 penalty fee.

Shipping & delivery

How long will my order take to arrive? All orders currently require an average of 1-3 business days of processing time to be picked and delivered. If you require an urgent delivery, please contact us in advance of placing your order. Kindly note, in case of inclement weather (freezing temperatures or heatwaves), we may postpone deliveries in order to protect the safety of our drivers as well as the condition of your wine. Please see the banner at the top of our website for the latest status on our delivery services.

How do I track my order? You will receive automated emails notifying you about your order status. If your order is out for delivery, but you need to leave your home or office for a moment, no problem! Please email us by simply replying to your order confirmation message. Our inbox is regularly monitored and we will dispatch your note to our delivery service to ensure we can accommodate your timing.

Can I pay to receive Express Shipping? Please contact us to make any special arrangements - we are happy to try our best to accommodate any expedited requests.

What shipping method(s) do you use? Most of our orders are delivered by Ship Noble, a specialty courier, which enables you to track your delivery with a tracking number. We do charge a nominal delivery fee, to offset the environmental impact of shipping heavy product.

How much is delivery? We currently offer Contactless Delivery to all addresses in Ontario (except PO boxes):

  • For addresses with an M2-M9 postal code, local delivery is $15.00.
  • For most other Ontario addresses, delivery is $25.00. Kindly note, orders placed for delivery outside the GTA are considered a final sale, and we will not be able to process any refunds or exchanges.

Where do you ship? We currently service deliveries of beverage alcohol across most of urban Ontario. If you reside in a rural area, please contact us prior to placing your order so that we can make special arrangements for shipping.

Returns & exchanges

What is your return policy? We accept only unopened full cases of products up to 30 days after the date of purchase. LCBO regulations stipulate that each case of wine is designated as the individual selling unit; therefore, we are unable to accept returns on single bottles, or boxes with broken seals.

For flawed product, we are able to offer your choice of one (1) of the following solutions within 30 days of purchase, to a maximum of one (1) bottle per case:

  1. A discount on your next Quvé purchase equal to the value of the bottle being returned (less bottle deposit); or,
  2. A refund for the value of the bottle, less bottle deposit, to your original payment method.

How do I make a return request? Please email us by simply replying to your order confirmation message, and we will be in touch as soon as possible to arrange next steps!

Sending gifts

How do I send a gift from Quvé to a friend? How nice of you! Sending wine to friends or family through Quvé is a piece of cake. Please ensure your recipient's name and address is the destination entered in the Shipping Address fields. If you would like to add any special instructions, please type it in the Comments section of your order before checking out.

Kindly note, we are required by law to check ID for every recipient of beverage alcohol. Quvé does not leave packages on porches or doorsteps unattended. Please provide a valid telephone number where we can reach the recipient to arrange for contactless delivery.

Do you offer Gift Cards? Thank you for thinking of us for your gifting needs - we absolutely do! Currently we offer Gift Cards in increments of $25, $50 and $100 here. Alternatively, please feel free to contact us - we would be pleased to create a custom gift solution for you.

General information

Why should I purchase my wines online? Supporting local has never been easier! We offer the convenience and speediness of online shopping and direct delivery, combined with the well-considered aesthetic of a downtown boutique, and the friendly customer service of your neighbourhood general store. We hope you give us a try!

What payment methods do you accept? You may use the following payment methods directly on Quvé: American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Interac Online, Apple Pay and Google Pay. 

Can I trust Quvé? All information is sent securely, using strong encryption technology. We never sell or give your private information to anyone else. And above all, we remain a people-centred business - you will always be able to reach someone to speak with if needed.

Where are you physically located? Quvé is based in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Privacy & security

What security measures do you put in place to protect my identity and personal / financial information? Your privacy is very important to us. In order to protect your personal information, all information sent through our website is encrypted and stored on private, secured servers. 

Will I receive junk email from you after I place an order? No. The only communication we send out to Quvé customers is an occasional newsletter featuring events and new products. If you would like to receive our newsletters, please subscribe via the link on our home page. 

I do not wish to use my credit card, are there alternatives? Absolutely! Our website is equipped to accept Interac online, the Shop App, Apple Pay and Google Pay in addition to American Express, MasterCard and Visa. Kindly note, we only accept payment via our website. Email or phone orders are not accepted at this time; however, you may contact us to arrange for payment via Interac e-transfer.

Why does Quvé ask to remember my credit card number? This automatic, secured, encrypted option is available for your shopping convenience! Your credit card will never be charged unless you are logged into your Quvé account to make a purchase. Your information remains hidden and encrypted on our website's servers and Quvé does not have access to this information.