BIPOC-Owned Businesses in Toronto: Part 3

BIPOC-Owned Businesses in Toronto: Part 3

Our friends are our chosen family.

I’d like to lift up some amazing Black and Indigenous friends and entrepreneurs that have created their own businesses. They are great inspirations to us, and we encourage you to check them out and give them your support!

NB: We’d love to keep expanding our BIPOC friendships, business network and this directory. Please contact us if you would like to connect!


Aaron Joseph Bear Robe

Wine Academy – Aaron Joseph Bear Robe, Managing Director

Hailing from the Siksika Nation, our friend Aaron Joseph Bear Robe (he/him) is a classically trained chef and an awesome photographer.

We first met Aaron at the Gourmet Food & Wine Show, where he was promoting Wine Academy, a private social club and wine cellaring space located in the heart of Toronto’s Financial District.

At the time, Aaron hadn’t broken ground on construction yet, and it was this sheer ambition and passion – to promote and sell Wine Academy memberships before the space even opened – that I found really interesting.

When Wine Academy finally opened – suffice it to say, we rushed to become one of the first wine partners!

We were immediate fans of the facilities, which include banquettes and bar seating; a private boardroom with full audio-visual equipment; secure, temperature-controlled wine cellars; a wine library; and a full kitchen capable of producing for elaborate meals.

Fast forward to today: We’re proud to say we’ve been able to bring dozens of winemakers of global prestige through Wine Academy over the past few years. Aaron and his amazing members count among some of our very best wine clients.

In our opinion, Wine Academy is a space unlike any other in Toronto, and one we feel absolutely comfortable in.

Our summer wine pairing for Aaron

We can’t think of a better match than Pinot Noir – a classic, elegant grape representing the best of what can be cellared and enjoyed amongst wine lovers! This light and unfussy example of Burgundy Pinot Noir by Maison Shaps reminds us of how easy it is for anyone to feel at home at Wine Academy.

Wine Academy contact info

@wineacademyto  |  |  B101 – 67 Richmond Street West, Toronto


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