Fall colours in a glass

Fall colours in a glass

There's red wine and white wine - and then there's everything in between.

We shared a few of our favourite wines that are just as colourful as the autumn leaves with the CTV Your Morning team!

Watch our CTV Your Morning clip here, or read the notes below for our tasting notes.


  • Great Heart Chenin Blanc, South Africa
    • South African Chenin Blanc is one of a sommelier’s best kept secrets! Think refreshing yet soft flavours of apple crumble or lemon meringue pie. I often recommend Chenin when someone tells me they don’t like Chardonnay, and it’s often very affordable as well. Chenin Blanc is a perfect wine for holiday turkey or chicken and this particular one, Great Heart, is a brand that splits all profits amongst the entire staff at the winery. Pretty appropriate for thanksgiving!
  • Southbrook Triomphe Orange, Niagara
    • My Canadian wine pick for today is from one of Canada’s pioneers in organic winemaking. Southbrook Triomphe Orange is really aromatic, think late summer peaches and apricots, with some light skin contact, giving it this gorgeous Fall colour but also some added flavour and a bit of a tea-like dryness. That makes this wine really great to match with some medium proteins like holiday ham, turkey, pork tenderloin and even tofurky/grilled tofu
  • Pietradolce Etna Rosso, Sicily
    • You know I love me an indigenous grape variety! Pietradolce Etna Rosso is made of nerello mascalese, a medium bodied, really elegant grape, grown really close to Mount Etna, an active volcano in Sicily. It has lighter tannins and can give you flavours of red cherries or cranberries, often with some complex aromas like smokiness or savouriness. Wine people like myself will often recommend light to medium bodied wines for Thanksgiving dinner, like Pinot Noir or Gamay, but if you want something quite literally off the beaten path, try this.
  • Travaglini Gattinara, Piedmont, Italy
    • Travaglini Gattinara is another personal favourite. Gattinara is an area in Piedmont, the same region as the luxury wines of Barolo, and it’s made of the same grape, Nebbiolo – but can be found for usually around 2/3 of the price. Nebbiolo tends to give a light bodied wine the colour of autumn maple leaves, but with a lot of flavour and texture from some pretty robust tannins. For those of you who prefer a bigger wine with your Thanksgiving turkey, or if you’re having something like pot roast or prime rib, this is a fantastic option. And it looks cool so it’s a great hostess gift too.
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