Just Desserts: The festive nightcap edition

Just Desserts: The festive nightcap edition

Holiday 2021 might have wrapped up already, but that doesn't mean we need to put a lid on celebrating life's great moments! 

Check out my December 23rd, 2021, segment with CTV Your Morning where I shared my top four suggestions of delicious and reasonably affordable drinks that make the perfect ending to a festive meal or cocktail hour.

Try pairing each of the below products with sweet and/or savoury bites, and let us know what flavour combination you prefer!

Click here to watch the video on CTV's website.

Product recap:

  1. Philippe Schaeffer Cremant d'Alsace Brut Tradition 2018  |  France  |  QC, ON
    1. Click to shop in Ontario!
  2. Cicchetto Limone & Mandarino  |  Canada (made with real European citrus)
    1. Click to shop in Ontario!
  3. Quinta de Devesa 10 Year Old Port  |  Portugal  |  Ontario 
  4. Gonzalez Byass "Nectar" Pedro Ximenez Sherry  |  Spain  |  all major markets


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