LCBO Women in Industry panel

LCBO Women in Industry panel

We are passionate about sharing our story, our values and philosophy with others, particularly within our own business sector. Thank you LCBO for the opportunity to connect and share a slice of life with your senior leadership team's All Directors meeting in February.

Reposted from LCBO's LinkedIn:

At the LCBO, we believe that it's important to have open conversations about the challenges and opportunities in creating a more equitable industry.

With International Women's Month on the horizon, we hosted a Women in Industry panel with special guests who are blazing their own trails and helping to change representation in the beverage alcohol industry.

We were delighted to welcome Debbie Shing, DipWSET of Vinequity, Emma Garner from Andrew Peller Limited and Amanda (Mandie) Murphy of Leftfield Brewery.

Through the Spirit of Inclusion Initiative, LCBO is committed to creating opportunities for diverse women to enter, advance, and thrive in the beverage alcohol industry. Working with our impact partners, our goal is to increase equitable representation in the winery, brewery, and distillery fields. Discover more about the program, our Impact Partners, and how to apply for scholarships, bursaries, and mentorship opportunities:

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