No corkscrew? No problem! Eco-friendly wine in cans and bags

We had so much fun on CTV Your Morning today!

ICYMI, here's a recap of our favourite non-bottle wines in Earth-friendly packaging.

Watch the clip HERE!

Debbie Shing CTV Your Morning No Corkscrew No Problem wine

Wine recap:

  1. West + Wilder rosé, California | 3x 250ml can $19.95 | BC, AB, ON
  2. West + Wilder sparkling white, California | 3 x 250ml can | $19.95 | BC, AB, ON
  3. Collavini Pinot Grigio, Italy | 250ml can | $4.95 | ON
  4. Bicycle Thief red wine, Portugal | 1.5L bag | $15.75 | ON
  5. Rosewood Winery "No Bad Days" Sangria, Canada | 1.5L bag | $38.00 | ON


Debbie Shing West + Wilder sparkling canned wine


(Screenshot courtesy of CTV Your Morning Twitter)

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