Tales from France 2023: our first travelogue

Tales from France 2023: our first travelogue

Last time I tried to visit France, it was in March 2020, to kickstart the company with some winery visits and cultural inspiration. It didn’t work out.

As the pandemic broke out across the planet, I wandered the empty streets of Paris, much closer in feel to a movie set than the real thing, and I barely managed to survive three days in the country before having to return home, straight into two years of quarantine...

This time I’m thrilled to report that I finally got a chance to see the City of Lights, tour some amazing French wine regions, enjoy incredible cuisine and hospitality, and best of all – break bread and discover vineyards with some of the wonderful producers in the Quvé portfolio.

I’m so excited to share my discoveries and stories with you. Stick around as we release each chapter of my France 2023 travelogue in our newsletter and blog! Next time: why wine importers must do international travel.

In the meantime, please browse our new, refreshed website for a look at our delicious wines in stock right now.

Cheers! We hope you stick around for the whole adventure.


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