Collection: Clos des Rocs

We had the great fortune to visit and taste with winemaker Olivier Giroux in the south of Burgundy in March 2020, just before France (and the world) was shut down by COVID-19.

His vines were buzzing with dandelions, butterflies and insects (AKA life!) under the watch of the famous chalky Roche de Solutré formation. 

The areas of Macon, Fuissé and Loché are blessed with warm sun, limestone-rich soil and gentle sloping hillsides, perfect for wine growing. Yet Olivier tells me that sometimes, some local vineyards do not reach their full potential as a result of industrial farming practices that use chemicals and/or aggressive plowing methods.

Olivier's philosophy of zero pesticides and dedication to biodynamic farming is rooted in the aim of renewing life in his home turf. Don't sleep on these amazing, low-intervention wines!

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